1st Grade

Welcome Back - practice with the mouse 

1. Mouse Practice - Play 5 games

2. Bees and Honey- Play all 3 games Keyboard Practice 1. Keyboard Zoo - find all the letters on the keyboard 2. Jump Keys 3. Ghost Typing Jr. 4. Type Rocket JR. 5. Keyboard Climber - try to get to level 2

Hour of Code

Help Pixel the Puppy get home


Go on a quest for candy – YUM!


Math Links

Fun 4 the Brain

Dude's Dilemma

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Math Snake

Math Ninja 

Math Arcade

Word Processing Skills
Story Writer


American Symbols

Draw and write about your favorite American Symbol

Match the American Symbols with Moby

Learn more about American Symbols with Moby



Story Writer
100 Snowball


The Cat and the Hat Knows A lot About That!